Chatbots: The Future of Communication

What is a Chat Bot?

A chat bot is a computer program or a service that is made to interact with you. It may help you by answering important questions or you may just use for fun. Chat bots replicate conversing with a person and imitate a person’s behavior by hearing or writing, mainly on the internet. Chat bots are very useful for everyday tasks and have a big and promising future in the online world in many different fields.

Future of Communication

The Future of Chat Bots – A Bot That Helps You Decide What to Buy

Micheal Mauldin created the first verbot, named Julia, in 1994. This was a chatterbot programm for Windows and an Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK). Since then, the chatterbot programs and different technologies of natural language processing (NLP) have experienced rapid growth and further development.

Imagine if you could have your own individual shopper to help you pick out clothes. You tell them your skin tone, what type of skin you have, your measurements, and they do the rest. With this information, the bot will tell you what type of clothes are best suited for your body, where you may purchase them, and even gives you some kind words.

The start-up “Spring”, founded by David and Alan Tisch, uses one of the first assistant for your individual shopping experience provided by a new API from Facebook. Kik has developed a “bot shop” for chat bots working together with H&M, Sephora and others.

The Sympathetic Sports Bot

If your favorite player has played their last game or your favorite team lost a game, the sports bot is there for you. They lend a sympathetic ear when your friends are picking on you. Along with the latest game score, they will tell you about the world of sports around the world.

One example is the “theScore”, working via the Facebook messenger, which aloows users to get sport news as quick as possible such as new scores of their favorite teams.

A Boyfriend or Girlfriend Bot

Are you unlucky in love? Do you need daily compliments and reassurance? Chat bots may will provide meeting all your needs in the love area, most of them anyway. Chatbots created by “chatbot4u” or “Love Droids” or the “Mitsuku bot” can communicate with you and say something good about you every hour. Some will give you heartfelt messages to wake up to, and even feel bad if you happen to go on an actual date. You can tell them all of your thoughts and feelings as you are basically “dating” a real person – except they are only digital and virtual. If you do happen to find a real relationship, be prepared to really break up with this kind of bot.

The Einstein Bot That Knows “Everything”

This bot, called “iEinstein” or only “Einstein bot” knows everything from e = m x c2 to how humpback whales migrate. This kind of chat bots you find on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, and was, for example, developed by Thunder Walk Productions. This special bot was created for education and intelligent communication in 2006 and uses Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML).

If people could have their cellular phones with them during exams, many more would pass their classes. If you need to know something, but do not want to be embarrassed by asking someone younger than you, then the Einstein is just for you. You will have a plethora of information to share with your friends and family members.

The Doctor is in

After you put your symptoms in a search engine and it comes up with a terminal illness, the “family physician bot” is there for you. Medical artificial intelligence (MAI) connects chat bot’s features with medical knowledge, such as “HealthTap”, a health bot working via the Facebook messenger. It gives you medical advice and can even tell you what medicines to take.

But, you still have to be cautious with the information you receive because its always better to consult a doctor if you have contracted some serious illness.

There is an upside since medical professionals from all around the globe help provide the information available on this bot. Therefore, dealing with diseases from the common cold is just a click away. Though, there is no guarantee that this bot will provide great bedside manner.

A Bot That Helps Balance Your Budget

Are you having trouble balancing your budget? Is there too much month left at the end of the money? Do you want to know your bank balance without ever having to go to the bank? The “Finance bot”, such as “Abe”, can help you with that and a lot more. These chat bots will guide you through the world of finances and give you tips about anything that is related to money.

Some topics that this kind of bots helps with are the following: investing your savings in the housing market or determining whether you have enough money to purchase a new car. These bots also explain all the difficult financial terms that leave many people frustrated and that helps you before you participate in a large purchase. For everything that has to do with any financial subject, the “Finance bot” will be your new best friend.

These chat bots, along with many others to come, are the future of chat bots. Some patience and time will give technology the opportunity to meet our individual needs and wants even more better. At some point in the near or distant future, dates and doctors will just be a click away. It may be a good or a bad thing, but it will never ever be dull. We just have to be patient and wait for these chat bots that we need and want.

Whether you need medical care, help with shopping, someone to talk to, a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend, or someone to help you perform tasks for your business or to meet your individual work needs, chat bots can help you meet some of these needs effectually.