Tru64 UNIX®

Tru64 Unix was once known as Digital Unix, and it is now under the ownership of HP. The company picked it up from Compaq, and it belonged to DEC before that. There are many people who still prefer to use Tru64 Unix even though it is discontinued, and they find that it offers much better performance given their personal needs. Systems such as OSX and iOS have been made based on this product, and many people turn to it because they want to go to the source of these modern systems.

Tru64 Unix was once known as Digital Unix, and it is now under the ownership of HP.

The Competition

DEC joined with HP and IBM to create the Unix system, and it was from this that it was born. They wanted to have an operating system that was completely unique from other storage systems that were coming out at the time. their aim was to create something that would be easy to expand, upgrade and build upon. They were successful as the system came to be known as Tru64 Unix long after it had begun. The 64-bit processing made it capable of doing quite a lot, and it inspired many other systems that came after.

Shared Storage

The Digital Unix product became something that was pitched as a part of the new digital revolution in computers. There were many people who wanted to have new digital products because everything in the 90s was called digital to make it sound as advanced as possible. Later on, 64-bit technology was considered much cleaner, and that is when the company chose to move on from the digital name to call it Tru64 Unix. This was an improvement that ensured the product would perform that much better, and it was used many times over to inspire yet more systems that would come after.

The shared servers of today were built on. Tru64 Unix because there was room for many people to be in the clusters that were created in these servers. Every person who belonged to the server or storage unit could see their own data, and they were protected from the others by the processing power of the Tru64 Unix system. It was eventually discontinued when it was no longer powerful enough to manage all the data that was introduced into newer systems, but it had made its mark by creating a way to share space on servers that were popular at the time. The TruCluster was migrated to other products by HP, and the Tru64 Unix system still has its hands on certain products that have been created by this company. Someone who has questions about Tru64 Unix may contact HP as they are not yet done using its technology to advance their systems.