Artificial Intelligence and Green Economy

Artificial Intelligence or AI is “the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.” This also includes the study of how to create computer and computer software with intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is more actually extremely common. Nine times out of ten AI is used in your daily life. All of this modern technology being created is considered Artificial Intelligence. For example if you use Siri on your phone, binge watch Netflix shows, order a pizza online, or even fly a toy drone, Artificial Intelligence is being used. AI is more specifically being used to increase efficiency within businesses. AI helps businesses do well and work more efficiently with more computer operated machinery. AI is involved in developing the different types of bots that have been created or are being created. This being said, that means that they are a way of innovating different products and services.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is “the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.” which can also have a positive influence on the green Economy.

How is Artificial Intelligence related to the Green Economy?

The Green Economy is “an economy that aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities…”. The reduction of environmental risks makes development sustainable while protecting the environment. As stated above, AI is involved in a lot of technology. This being so means that it is playing a role in increasing the Green Economy. There has been a huge increase in the development of Artificial Intelligence from 2011 to 2016. The larger these increase the more the Green Economy gains.

How Sustainable is Artificial Intelligence

AI is already impeccably advanced and as time continues it will be further developed. AI offers these advanced opportunities to companies to help “reduce their environmental and social impact” by means of making their company work more efficiently along with bettering their products. One of the biggest factors AI has helped is a pollution problem. When sustainability comes to mind, pollution is the biggest factor against us, but now they have AI to help. When most energy companies create electricity, they do so by burning coal. When the coal is burned they are creating a huge byproduct of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is an extremely strong greenhouse gas that causes climate change. Like some other greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide also harms the ozone layer. Therefore, burning coal directly affects the green economy in the most harmful way.

How AI is helping this problem is by stimulating the human brain when these greenhouses are released. This data is quickly analyzed and recommendations for adjustment are made. These adjustments help reduce the amount of nitrous oxide that is released while still keeping the same rate of production. Once this was seen to be working, many other coal burning companies began to use it as well. So when they ask if AI will be sustainable, this is a definite yes. AI hasn’t even reached its full potential yet and it is already helping one of the largest world-wide problems. AI is showing how technological advances are used for the greater good.