New: Interbots

Interbots or IBC is a messaging channel that consists of bots communicating with other bots. They are introducing a new and extremely cool way of communicating. There can be an interbot for nearly everything, which will be described later on. They can almost be thought of as a more high tech google translate. They allow for you to use systems that are based in other countries or systems that do not directly use your language. They can also simply be used for normal communications between businesses and companies. Interbots have more than likely been used by a majority of people. Whenever one simply types in a question on a foreign site, or a site that uses a different language, these language-interbots are being used. These various interbots communicate through the InterBot Console, which helps translate communications to complete the tasks set at hand.

Whenever one simply types in a question on a foreign site, or a site that uses a different language, these language-interbots are being used.

How do Interbots Work?

For example, let’s say there is a shopping bot. This shopping bot understands English and communicates with customers in English. If one is more comfortable speaking German, then they would build a German shopping bot. This German shopping bot would communicate with the English shopping bot in order to translate the conversation. This interaction consists of three bots, the shopping bot, English bot and German bot, communicating with each other to make your experience more efficient. In this scenario you would use the following in the InterBot Console: @shoppingbot + @eng2gerbot / @germanshoppingbot / @ger2engbot. This is telling the console to translate what they are saying from English to German. Once it is translated to German, and there is a response, the system receives the response that is translated back to English. This then turns into a recurring pattern until the conversation is done.

How are Interbots Useful?

Interbots are of extremely great use. They make customer interactions with businesses a lot easier. Interbots are also used for various other things. These things include flights, hotels, taxi, cafés, assistants and much more. Interbots can communicate with flights and hotels. They do this by combining the services of the booked flight with the hotel. How this works is when you choose a flight, the “flight bot” will communicate with the “hotel bot” and it will provide you with hotels that are available at the time your flight arrives. This can also be done vice versa. The “hotel bot” can communicate with the “flight bot” to find a flight by the time your hotel reservation expires. This also applies to the taxi and café. The “taxi bot” will communicate with the “café bot” and your coffee will be ready by the time your taxi arrives to the café. As for the virtual assistant, this bot would come in handy the most. These “personal assistant bots” can do anything from take notes to schedule meetings. This innovative technology is a true way of simplifying life while also introducing new and exciting technology. Knowing that this is only the beginning one can only imaging the lengths interbots will be taken to in the future.