OpenBSD project

The OpenBSD Project started when a member of the NetBSD program was asked to resign from his position. This man named Theo de Raadt was able to move his own version of the BSD license to his home in Calgary, and he began to coordinate his own project. He believed very much in the open sourcing of the project, and he wanted to give his customers something that served as an improved version of the NetBSD that had worked on. He knew that he could update his system faster on his own, and that is where he came up with what we know as Open BSD. This is a storage system that is secure, and it has been coded perfectly at every step. Someone who is watching from the outside will find that this is a precise system that is open to input.

The OpenBSD Project started when a member of the NetBSD program was asked to resign from his position

Open Source And Imput

The open source of the OpenBSD Porject has contributed to many of its bes timprovements, and all these pieces of input are poured over carefully by Mr. de Raadt. He knows that his product depends on the accuracy that he creates in his coding, and he has worked quite hard to build a reputation for the accuracy of his coding. This gives him an upper hand on other companies that are spitting out as much content as fast as possible, OpenBSD is a quality controlled product that anyone may use knowing that is will perform perfectly when they begin to use it. Someone who has an improvement to suggest has it checked, and the storage system and operating system have grown quickly because everyone who uses it finds that it works the first time out.


Security is a major factor in the development of the OpenBSD Project, and the improved security has allowed a number of people to use this system without a second thought. They are pleased to know that Mr. de Raadt watches over the items that are built with this system, and they find that he is alerting anyone to problems that have been uncovered with security. It is much safer to use OpenBSD because of the meticulous nature of the founder, and these people will continue to recommend this system because of the personal service they get. Many other storage and operating systems are controlled by large companies that do not offer personal service, and they are beat out in this area by the small business that is known as the OpenBSD Project. This simple outgrowth of a disagreement at NetBSD has ensured that there are more options on the BSD market where people search for their storage and operating needs.