The FreeBSD Project

Berkeley Software Distribution created their own version of what they liked about Unix. They could not use the Unix name because that would have infringed on the trademark of Unix, but they were essentially creating their own version of Unix to ensure that they could have the best results from their own vision of how it should have worked. This was directly descended from the BSD that they created first, and this was an open source version of the program that ensured others could expand on it. Anyone who was working with BSD at this time was submitting their own information on their experiments with their system, and they created a community for open sourcing that became influential in many other parts of the computing world. There is a security team that works on this project, and it will work on the security of everything that has been built using their basic programming.

Berkeley Software Distribution created their own version of what they liked about Unix

How Did It Start?

Students at Cal were able to improve on the original AT&T Unix when they were given a license by the company. This was the beginning of this massive company, and it would give birth to many different improvements that would help to influence other companies who were working on the same things. DEC was working on a version of Unix, and these companies were attempting to roll out their improvements as fast as possible. While Unix was taken up by Compaq and then HP, the Free BSD Project has remained a Berkeley institution that still works on storage and programming to their day. There are many operating systems that are working out of the Free BSD platform, and that is why the company must provide the security support that they do. They know that they are valued by their customers, and they provide the same service they did when they started.

Changing From AT&T

The Free BSD team was asked to change from coding that came from AT&T after a lawsuit against another company, and they became completely independent after that happened. They were able to offer more to their customers because they did not feel the constraints of the old AT&T code, and they have been working ever since to build their own server base that will work for their customers. They have built an expanding system that will be useful in a number of operations, and they remain open source because they want to give their customers the best chance of improving on what they have. The Free BSD Porject has improved more every year than any other company simply because they are providing a community of support where the software will improve much faster because there is no bureaucracy involved. They have moved past corporate America to the community model that is found all over the Internet today.